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Well we are now 2 days into SUMMER my WONDERLAND

well here I am ALL day now on the computer writing bloging… reading….. and hanging out with my Conure Tweetie…. working on my next move…jejejejej it is so pretty outside… need to water my plants and time to start growing more… tomatoes, cucumbers, see what is in season too!! The other night i dreamnt I was flying and I ws flying soooo hard and fast that it woke me up hahahahahait was a great dream.. i was traveling!I think if we try to begin eaCH DAY OR RATHER THE NIGHT BEFOR WITH A WISH A VISION A SCENE IN OUR HEADS AND  GO TO SLEEP WITH THAT THOUGHT…. IT COULD BE A CATALYST TO MANY THINGS AND FOR ONE TO REALIZING ONES DREAM NO?????!!!!! yes… SO JUST SAY YES…… TO LIFE OKAY….WE ARE MORE AFRAID OF WHAT WE CAN BECOME RATHER THAN WHAT WE HAVE NOT BECOME!!!! SO STRIP THE FEAR FROM YOUR BODY AND SMILE WITH OPEN ARMS….. LIKE JOURNEYS SONG…HERE I AM WITH OPEN ARMS….. BE BLESSED…. ESTAIRE…..P.S. GETTING READY TO LAUNCH MY KICKSTARTER PROJECT OKAY SO SEE YOU THERE……..

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