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Monday in wonderland….

well it has been a few days since I have been here…….. sorry… been caught up with things….. a dear cousin passed away.. yes very sad… just makes you want to appreciate what you have here with you now! I am blessed to have my familia  and friends in the Bay Area, Oakland to be exact. and Dear friends here in L.A. and as always in Maui , Spain, and Holland… Selma my dear sister…..lately i have been just in a flow of sorts…. and not letting doubt get in my head…. yes it takes work but it can be done……….i have a friend who just got his first job in broadcasting…. but doing all the wiring and connecting for the stadium.. very exciting. He had so much doubt, and i kept telling him its going to be all right! it is all going to work out….. it took a year or tow but it did!!you have to have the faith and of course hard work… so I say this to you just know… it will happen!!.. great things will come to you!!! so just say yes!!!!

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