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Well I must admitt it has been an interesting time…… a very important show got canceled, I got down graded from a commercial… and my cousin Joey passed last week… at right now the only thing that really matters to me is that my cousin is no longer here! we grew up together That’s when you realize how time is flying by us and we need to grab on to it and live it! yay!! fearlessly with NO FEAR!!!!! Cause one day you may be here in the morning then next thing you know its evening and your gone or someone dear to you is gone….. I come from a familia of 9 yep, you heard right jejejejeje, and very proud of it! They are very important to me… all of my familia! My mother would always say and still does….. Mija se cierra una puerta y se habre otra! That means one door closes and another one opens. IT is sooooo true. Yes dissapointing but not life altering! The show was not meant to be right now THATS ALL!! The commercial well i was not meant to get that now….WHY?? well I think something even better is coming along and is going to happen….. I feel very blessed and lucky to have always had a very positive outlook on everything! I think that comes from my mother…..Two women I have looked up to are my Mother and Lucille Ball. My mother is very smart and wise. Lucille ball. She made everyone laugh and helped them get through the day! that is my mission here to help people laugh more…. It can always be worse. so as EWand F their song… KEEP YOUR HEAD TO THE SKY!!!!!! YEA THAT IS WHAT I WILL DO AND SING THE SONG “HERE’S TO LIFE”….. and I dedicate it to all of you out there who come and visit me here and hopefully we can see you at my gigs! thanks for coming by! CREATE THE WONDERLAND YOU WANT TO LIVE IN!

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